Enjoy the password security whenever and wherever.

We always use the same password

It's difficult to memory lots of account and password in the information age.

In order to memory,we often set all the password into one.

Unfortunately,if a website password leaked one day,all the password would be leaked.

Making different web sites and applications to use different passwords, and updating passwords regularly,which can protect the security of passwords.

Now Easy Cloud Password can help you manage passwords to ensure the safety.


EASY:Starting this APP and downloading from it, you can get the newest code book.
CONVENIENCE:The data of the mobile phone(Android) synchronizes with the computer’s, so the password recording is still workable when the network is broken.
Easy to operate, even the older.
SAFE:All the passwords are safe and hard to be cracked because of its highly complex and distinct. Other accounts and passwords would not be affected if one website is attacked.
Flexible floating window, new specification in this field. Simpler and safer.
CHEAP:Such a powerful software is very cheap.Its regular price is $19.98 per year, but now only $9.98 if you buy 5 years at once, which is equivalent to 6 fold.
You can get your password back by your mailbox if you forget your password.
AUTOMATION:This APP will give you passwords as complicating as you want automatically which should be done by yourself originally.
Is sell like hot cakes

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Three months 90 days $10.99 $7.49
Six months 180 days $15.99 $12.99
One Year 365 days $29.99 $19.99
Three Years 1095 days $89.97 $55.99
Five Years 1825 days $149.95 $109.99
Ten Years 3650 days $299.90 $210.99

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